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Custom Electric Fireplaces

The must have fully customizable fireplace wall designed to suit your wants and compliment the entire house, perfect for almost any wall and space in your home. The cost can range significantly but is more cost friendly then assumed! Add equity to your home at least twice the value of your project cost making this not only a luxury but an investment as well!

From a basic to complex designs This is not only what your bedroom, basement and or living room has always needed, but provides a brand-new feel that all your guests, family and friends will certainly notice and love as much as you will. 


Easily Get Started

So the first thing you will need to decide what wall and in what room would be perfect for this service. (Don't worry our team of designers are happy to recommend what would look best and where if need be). Secondly Measure the full distance of wall as well as the height. (Does not need to be precise just a rough number in feet/inches) Third send us those details and a picture of the space! 


Customization & Designing

My team of Designers will now assist you by figuring out how to customize our product to best fit your vision. This will include how Wide the wall will be, how far it comes off original wall, size of electric fireplace, Shelving, niches, TV Mount and the materials you would like it crafted with!

When it comes to Material used the options are endless! From TILE of any sort and size, Stone natural or manufactured, Wood whether hardwood, shiplap, any plank flooring.

We know there is a lot to consider but we are here to provide our professional opinions and provide multiple designs to best fit your wants.  

Or you can tell us exactly what you want and how you want it and we will take it from there!



Scheduling & Installation

At this point you've provided your plans/drawling or have selected one from the designs we presented for your space. Now is time to Purchase your product and schedule the install!

The purchase will be broken into two payments. 

A deposit used to acquire all necessary materials being used to create your custom product will be due instantly, after we receive the deposit a team member will reach out about scheduling, Understand that depending on the material you've decided to go with will determine availability for install! Within $8 hours we will be able to provide you with the soonest available dates to book install, You can choose any business day date thereafter if more convenient. 

Interested Right?
Simply fill out form!

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